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Kağıt üzeri kara kalem, 25x19 cm, 1991, Çerçeveli

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Born in Istanbul in 1925, Turkish painter and art historian Adnan Turani graduated from Istanbul Teachers School in 1945. After this, he enrolled in Ankara’s Gazi Institute of Education where he graduated from the Department of Painting in 1948.


In 1953, he had the opportunity to work at art academies in Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg. He pursued undergraduate and master’s degrees. He started working as an art instructor at the Gazi Institute of Education in 1959. He continued in this post until 1970, all the while also giving lessons at Hacettepe University faculties of Literature and Fine Arts.


He began his doctorate in 1972 at Hacettepe University where he undertook the role of Coordinator of the Institute of Fine Arts. He completed his doctorate in 1973 and became an associate professor in 1978. He remained a lecturer at Hacettepe University Department of Art History up until 1986.


He was the head of department of Bilkent University Painting Department from 1986 to 1987. Up until his passing in 2016, he continued his work in Ankara.