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Duralit üzeri yağlı boya, 18x24 cm, Çerçeveli

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Sergey Nikolaevich RYBAK 

1950 born in Russia, Vladimir region, Kovrov.

1965 to 1970 he studied at the Odessa art school. M. B. Grekov at the painting class

1973 - 1979 studied at the Kiev art Institute, painting faculty ( Rev. Etc P. A.) at the faculty of monumental painting ( teachers: prof Chekaniuk V. A. Storozhenko N. A.)

1979 part in all-Union exhibition of diploma work: paintings "Will and mind" (3x3 m)

1979 - 1987 aimed at the job in Chernihiv artistic production workshops. Over the years has created a number of monumental works. The most voluminous of them: classic stained glass "Life" in the cafe Nizhyn pedagogical Institute ( 1981 120 sqm), mosaic "Creation" on the facade of Resaved ( Nizhyn 1983, 150 sq. m.) and others. Participated in regional exhibitions of painting Chernihiv artists. Constantly put their works in art shops of Kiev.

1981 he entered the Kiev youth organization of the Union of artists.

1989 - 1993 participation in group exhibitions of gallery "ecumene", Kiev.

1991 participation in the exhibition of Ukrainian artists, organized by the gallery "Inko - Art" in Chicago ( 12 pictures ).

1993 personal exhibition of graphics ( Nizhyn ). Some work was beaten acquired a very famous painting "Morning in Paradise" bought Veronica Kapnist ( Paris ), painting, "the Spirit of B." - Andrey Makarevich (Moscow), the painting "the snow Fell" - Otto Sagner ( Germany ).

1996 personal exhibition of painting ( Nizhyn ).

2007 participation in a group art exhibition in the gallery "Raritet - Art" ( Moscow). Kiev ).

2010 entry into Kyiv charity art Association " Golden palette ". Personal exhibition in the House of scientists, Kiev. Participation in the exhibition at the Ukrainian House (Kyiv ).

2011 participated in the exhibition of painting at the auction hall of " Corners ".

His works are in Nizhyn state historical Museum ( 10 works: paintings, graphics ) in the gallery "Roksolana" Chicago ( 12 works: painting ).

Around 250 works are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Canada, USA, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries.