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Kağıt üzeri karışık teknik, 29x48 cm, Çerçeveli

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Born in 1961 in Ankara, the artist graduated from Gazi University Painting Department. The artists took painting lessons of painting from Eşref ÜREN and Osman Zeki ORAL worked as a graphic artist at the International Fair and Decoration Company (UFD) between 1983 and 1984 and started to work as a painter and illustrator in TRT in 1985.

He drew caricature in TRT Magazine as well as Decor Painting, Animation, and Story Paintings.

In addition to his duties in TRT, he painted stamp for the PTT Stamp Directorate in 1990-2000 and in 2004, he drew the caricatures of artists of 36 countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. The artist, who has participated in many group exhibitions, works at his own workshop in Ankara and has works in many collectors both at home and abroad.