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Kağıt üzeri sulu boya, 45x30 cm, Çerçeveli

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Sergey Shcherbakov was born in 1962 in Feodosia, Crimea Island. Since childhood, keen on drawing, he entered the Ivan Aivazovsky Art school, where preferred watercolor technique. After graduating, he worked in the A. Shorin Art Studio. In 1980 he entered the Belarusian Academy of Arts, and studied design. At the same time continuing to paint in watercolor. Participated in student and republican exhibitions. After graduating from the Academy in 1986, he worked as a designer, but the fascination for painting gradually drove the design work into background. In the two thousandth the artist began to actively participate in exhibitions. And in 2000 he entered National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Also Sergey is a participant of international and personal exhibitions in Ukraine, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia. A lot of artworks placed in the collections of Sri Lanka, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, and China. Nowadays, the artist lives in Kiev and continues his creative activity.