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Karton üzeri akrilik, 40x30 cm, Çerçeveli



Born in 1958 in Konya, Cetinkaya graduated from the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Education in Gazi University, Ankara in 1982.


In 2002 he opened Arc-En-Ciel Maison D’Art in Paris, an art house, where he organized art-centered events for 5 years.


He has been creating art in his studio in Ankara and in Toronto, the latter being established in 2013. Including 48 solo exhibitions held abroad (in the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, Austria, France, Sweden, China, Australia, Greece, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Malta, Taiwan and Cyprus), he has held a total of 144 solo exhibitions.


Cetinkaya, who was introduced to oil painting in 1976, has contributed to the world of art with over 10,000 paintings. In an expression of his own emotions and inner world, he uses an impressionist style to depict poppies in all different manners.