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Kağıt üzeri yağlı boya, 46x66 cm, Çerçeveli


Tulin Kaynak lives in Istanbul where she continue her works, for more than 20 years. She is an abstract painter and showcased her works in various exhibitions locally and in international level, in New York,Paris, Tokyo and Forli. Her works are included in various collections. She perpetuates her social responsibility partnership with many organizations, including UNICEF.

Tülin Kaynak’s works contain all the data of abstract art. Her works uniting with lyricism are designed on movement and balance. The multi-layered structure emerging on the surface with the grindings are gaining momentum with the strength of the material, large paintings on the monochrome works. The artist’s intervention is felt in the chiaroscuro balance, the relationship established with each other, the passage of colors in the works that seem to have emerged spontaneously, in an improvisation.